Saturday, 7 September 2013

Working on my PHD?

I was searching for the meaning of something the other day, quilting has so many "terms" and although my husband would insist that I speak it fluently, I am sometimes stumped by a term on a blog or pattern.  Anyway, I found what I was looking for but in the meantime I came across these while searching.  It's a fun list of  "Vital" Quilting Acronyms from the The Quilters Club of America .........I  think I need to adopt some of these, they're fun!

BDNQ - Bad Day Not Quilting

CAT - Creating Artistic Treasures

COP - Creative Ongoing Project

DOG - Deciding Ongoing Gem

FART - Fabric Aquisition Road Trip

FIU - Finish It Up

FUN - Fabricating UNlimited

HSY - Haven't Started Yet

PEBCAK - Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard

PEBSMAQ - Problem Exists Between Sewing Machine And Quilter

PHD - Project Half Done (as in, "I'm working on my PHD")

PIGS - Projects in Grocery Sacks

QFH - Quilt from Hell

RUF - Really Ugly Fabric

SABLE - Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy

SEX - Stash Enhancing eXperience

STASH - Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden

SQ - Stupid Quilt

SQUID - Sewing a Quilt Until I Die

UFO - UnFinished Object (unfinished quilt)

TGIF - Thank God It's Finished!

WHIMM - Works Hidden In My Mind

WIP - Work In Progress

WISP - Work In Slow Progress

WIVSP - Work In Very Slow Progress

WIWMI - Wish It Would Make Itself

WOMBAT - Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
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