Monday, 9 September 2013


I've been taking part in a quilt-along on Flickr.  I think there are over 100 of us doing the same project.  It's called Swoon and you can purchase it over at the Fat Quarter Shop by clicking here!  It was Fairyface Designs that originally posted about it and I thought I would try it.  It's the first time I've ever taken part in a quilt-along of any type.  It's quite exciting to see everyones progress as they go.  The Swoon is just such a pretty pattern and can be so individual based on your colour choices.  For once in my life, I didn't have any clue what colours to choose this time so I had a bit of help.  I took it block by block, picked out two at a time and some were chosen by the helpful bunch at my Tuesday sewing class! 

Each block took about 2 hours, the first took a little longer but at a finished size of 24.5inches, they were very fulfilling to make!!  I've never seen a quilt top grow so fast!

I ended up with blue/green tones on the first four and red/pink on the second four so I decided to use some of my scraps to make up a scrappy centre block....... I quite like it!

When I had it all pieced together, I put it on my bed to check the size and although it was perfect for a double bed, my bed is a kingsize and I liked the finished product enough to want it for MY BED!!

So, I started a flying geese border using a 3" paper piecing pattern.  It gave me an extra 6 inches on the top and bottom and both sides and once added to the quilt, it made it drape on my bed perfectly!   The border also used up all my scraps from the flying geese triangles.  I added a very small amount from my own stash towards the end but they blend so well, I have trouble spotting them.  I am so happy with the finished product but think I'm a bit obsessed with flying geese now and am constantly googling ideas for another one project I can use them for!

And this is it...... the finished quilt top!  What do you think?  And now I have to decide how to quilt it.  I'm stumped!  

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Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

I really love your Swoon and your flying geese border is inspired. And your central block works so well too. Fab job. (Make sure to link up on my Swoon post )