Wednesday, 4 September 2013

UFO's (Un-Finished-Object's)

I've been dying to share something for the past week but I seem to have my finger in a lot of pies and have nothing finished and ready for showing.......

After plenty of procrastination, using materials previously bought for this and losing the quilt top for a few months, I finally got my mums lap quilt basted so I started quilting that this week.  I was going to fly through it on the machine but decided that the flannel material would be nicer with a good, thick hand quilted stitch.  I love how it's working out and I'm about 50% of the way through it.  I'm travelling to dublin in a couple of days, I think I will take the bus or train so that I can work away on it.  I can't wait to have it finished, it's so cosy!

I've also been working away on and am basically finished my Beside the Seaside Quilt.  It's been months in the making but I'm just about ready to add binding.  I've enjoyed doing this one so much but every so often had to put it aside for a few weeks because there is so much different quilting patterns and I did it by hand in a really tight, tight stitch so it was labour intensive......

I used a lot of templates but on some parts I just free-styled it and did a bit of a stipple...really just to fill space, FAST because I'm so ready for this quilt to be done as my little boys go mental every time they see it.  They are totally in love with this one!

This is one of my little men doing his usual inspection of my work..... at this particular moment he had found a little add on embellishment of an anchor and decide to "drive" the boat with it!

In the meantime, I got my little boy quilt back from the Tuam Quilt Exhibition and wanted to personalise it a little before giving it to my buddy for her little boy!  I used FairyFace Designs Tutorial on how to hand embroider.

The instructions were super, simple and to the point and therefore, very easy to follow!  If I have to repeat instructions out loud so that I can understand them, I just move on and find something easier..... but you never need to do that with tutorials by Fairyface Designs!

This is the almost finished product.....I'll get better pics tomorrow during daylight but I'm digging this new trick so thanks to Sarah @Fairyface Designs! If any of you ever wanted to try quilting, she has some fab tutorials and a list of basic supplies that you'll need!

In the meantime, I did get some niceties in the post!  I won't lie to you, some of them seem very "curtainy" to me but I love the blues and pinks....... so now I'm looking for another project to add to my list that might incorporate some of these vintage & modern mix prints!

..........but maybe I'll try and finish one or two of my ongoing projects first!

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Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

So glad you liked the tute and I love your embroidery, you did a great job!