Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Finish (almost!)

So, I took the train to Dublin on Wednesday with my sister-in-law.  I had 4 hours of blissful, uninterrupted sewing planned between the journey there and back as I had no children and no husband with me.  Nobody would be asking for a juice bottle, a toilet break, a hug, a clean nappy or a nose wipe...... total peace!  However, it didn't go to plan.  The trip was great, the train was smooth, it was also half empty which helped but I seemed to be having too much fun to take out my sewing.  Who knew my SIL was so unintentionally hilarious!  I haven't laughed as hard in years so it was totally worth it but it did mean that I haven't anything finished today as planned. 

I did make another baby blanket this week and just need to add the little ones name.  So close to being done.  It's another simple charm blanket with a minky back and it's super soft and snuggly.  I used a Riley Blake bundle again this time, I just think it's so full of imagination and whimsy........ just love it!

My 9yr old was helping me lay it out to chose what went where.  He has strong opinions on the layout!  He's pretty good too, he rearranges it over and over until he's happy!
Every night he asks if I'm going sewing, he considers it his "mum & me time" which I love!

I love, love, love these fabrics - they're so....... BOY!

Charm squares are such a joy to sew up, nice and easy! 

Now to add the name, Donnchadh, it's an unusual spelling but I've been reassured that it's correct.  I think I'll add the lettering with a buttonhole stitch and possibly use some solid fabrics so the name stands out good and proper! 


I've been working away on the handquilting for my mothers lap quilt.  I like how it's turning out.......

I may add a few more lines of quilting but as it's basically finished, I started adding the binding...... my favourite part, binding just finally gives it that feeling of being something useful, something cosy - a finished quilt!  I got to use my wonder clips for the first time too.  I had been eyeing these up in the The Quilt Shop, Tuam for ages but didn't think I needed them (needs vs. want, it's a constant battle in my poor brain) but you know what?  They're very handy! 


The postman has visited our house numerous times this past two weeks but because I've been so good in my need vs. want argument in my own little brain, none of it has been for me.  Until today that is!  I came across a super sale online from Vibes and Scribes in Cork and y'know, let's just say it saved me money to purchase my books from them!  At least that's what I'm telling myself! I got a gorgeous delivery of some beautiful books with a flat rate shipping cost of €3.95 no matter how much you buy.  They're worth checking out as they dabble in lots of crafts and as the postage costs are so good, I know I'll be back to them!  Thanks Vibes and Scribes!!

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Anonymous said...

Love the ways your boys like to share in your hobbie !

Naptime Stitching said...

I'll bet yours do too! Except at least yours get their tummies filled when they take part....... mine still need feeding after! :)