Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pincushion Swap

Weeks ago, I got my details for my swapee for the pincushion swap organised by The Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland.  She gave plenty of information so it should have been a really easy job to choose what to make but I think I picked apart the hints & tips so much and almost viewed them as instructions and in trying to incorporate everything, I ended up making myself very nervous and indecisive about the whole thing. 

I had a couple of non-starters.  Picked out my fabrics and started and scrapped a couple of ideas.  In the end, with 2 days left before the swap was due to be posted, I picked fabrics out once again and went for it......apparently my swapee isn't afraid of a bit of colour so I was able to use some bold prints!
It's not a small design but I think she's going to be okay with that!  I went for a pincushion armchair caddy.  So it has two pockets to hold scissors, fabric pens, thread and other bits!  It was fun to make, lots of colour with funky patterns and simple, little quilt sandwiches!


It came together pretty fast.  I had some left over binding already made from a baby quilt I did a few weeks ago.  The yellow is a bit out there but I liked it against the pink and and colourful pocket fabric! 

I also got to use a decorative stitch on my machine - finally!  I'd forgotten I have so much choice on the machine because they're never used.  It was pointed out to me during the week how many I have, so I thought it was time to make a little use of them! 

This was my first time making pockets - I'm loving these swaps for making me try new things, otherwise I think I'd stick with quilts all the time.  These are fun little projects to get the old brain working and make something that you wouldn't normally give the time to.  In fact, I think this is my first every pincushion too!  I was going to make one for myself now only I'll be getting one in the post from my secret swapper this week....something I had totally forgotten in the whole process!  Love getting pretty things in the post!

The finished product front and back!

Here's hoping my swap buddy likes it!

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Anonymous said...

How could she not. Handy and lovely to look. Well done

Em x said...

Brilliant idea!! Love it. Looking forward to seeing what you receive. Xx

Em x said...

Brilliant idea!! Love it. Looking forward to seeing what you receive. Xx