Monday, 23 February 2015

Handwarmers, Totes, a competition win and more........

My main "thing" is quilting but after finishing a couple of big quilts, lately I just needed a few small projects that I could start and finish fast!  And the fun I've had! 

First I made the Fabric Wreath that I showed you yesterday.  Check out my first ever little tutorial if you haven't seen it already.  It's a no-sew project so suitable for everyone!  You will see the Tutorial Link at the top of the page, under the header!

Then, I made a few hand warmers for my mum and a good friend, Georgie who has Reynauds Disease so always has blue hands in the cold.  I filled them with rice and added a few drops of cinnamon to give them a nice smell. 

Next, I wanted to make something for my friend who has recently taken up crochet.  We've been friends since we were 10.  I have always been the one who was into "make & do" and always had a box of some craft or other in the corner whether it was glass painting, jewellery, card making and eventually, my total addiction, sewing/quilting and it's lovely to finally be able to share the love of making with her.  So, when I found this pattern online, I had to buy it and make it up for her.

It was my first time making a tote....... I have to admit, the base was a bit of a challenge so it's not perfect but it taught me alot!

I get fierce excited when I start to see a project come together so it takes a little longer because I need to stop regularly to admire it....... hence this picture of it before even adding the lining and it's turned right side out!

  It's a Crochet Tote.  It has a fine big center to hold up to 5 full balls of wool and then all the way around there are different sized pockets to hold the crochet hooks (or knitting needles), scissors and any other related notions!  I chose bright and cheerful colours because she's young and funky (just like me, ha ha)! 

And finally, I had bought some of the Gorjuss Fabric about 6 months ago and just didn't know what to do with it but finally, FINALLY, I cut into it and made my friends two little girls some bags.  I did some straight line quilting on them (which I love since I haven't mastered free-motion yet) and they turned out cute. 

It's hard not to turn out cute when you are using anything Gorjuss by Santoro........... it's just adorable!
I used a stem stitch and added their names on too.  You can't see the names because I hadn't gifted them when I took the picture so I covered it up with a bit of selvedge!

Now, before I go.............check out my little "win" on Instagram.  I entered a little competition with @colourmehappy2 and I won!!!!

I got orange chocolate ( my fav) (well, one of my fav's), a funky fat quarter, a mini Moda Charm pack, some wonder clips and hexie templates!  EEEEEEEEEK, I'm going making hexies!!!!! How cool...........
Daft pic won't rotate properly - sorry!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

No Sew Fabric Wreath Tutorial

I totally forgot I said I would do a quick tutorial on the super-easy, use-up-your-tiny-scraps Fabric Wreath that I made a couple of weeks ago. 

This requires NO SEWING whatsoever so is suitable for beginners!

Materials Needed:
Rotary Cutter
Florist Hoop (I got mine at The Quilt Shop, Tuam for €1)

Step 1:
Gather yours scraps.  You can use all one colour or for a truly scrappy effect, use a little (or a lot) of everything! I started with red and whites but quickly made my way through all the drawers for a rainbow of colours!  Selvedges with some text can add a bit of interest too!

Step 2: 

Cut the scraps to the desired length.  Mine are 1/2" x 5"
This takes some time but the growing pile of cut up scraps is really pretty all by itself!

Step 3:
Take your florists ring and a scrap and simply tie on!  Repeat this on both lines until your ring is chock full and you can't squeeze any more on.  The fuller, the prettier!

Please link back if you do try it........I'd love to see!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Scrap Happy!!

Scrap Happy, oh yes I am! 

I've had great fun this week so far, making things from scraps! 

First I made another zipped pouch for a friend who fell for the first one I made.  It's great when you make something with mad colours and you think it's a bit out there but someone loves it!  I also made another set of bunting which is currently winging it's way to Australia!

Yesterday I had loads of time with nothing to do.......... okay, that's not true, there were loads of things I could have done but it was the first day that all three of my kids were back at school after 10 days of sickness.  I had a quiet house and decided to make the best of it.......... but really I spent half the day deciding what to do !  Finally, at 5pm, I finally dug out the scraps and made this heart wreath.  I love it, it's totally scrapilicious!!!  There are dozens of different fabrics and colours in there!  It's hanging on the blue wall of my sewing room and pops with colour in reality - the pic doesn't quite do it justice. 
I will do a tutorial on this in a few days if anyone is interested!

Today, I got to the sewing machine earlier and when I found one single Eiffel Tower scrap, I chose to make a scrappy cushion cover around it.  I used the quilt-as-you-go method so it came together very fast.  By noon, all I had left was to put the backing on and I had a squishy, scrappy, pink cushion! 

Wonder what I'll do tomorrow morning!