Wednesday, 3 December 2014

3 Years, 4 whole cushions

When I was younger and didn't know how to sew, I was envious of people who could make their own cushion covers.  To me, it was so complicated and I couldn't understand when they said it was "sooooooo easy" and "easiest thing in the world to make".  Nope, cushion covers were definitely complicated!

Fast forward to almost exactly 3 years ago and I took my first sewing class called "Getting to know your machine" with Pippablue in Galway.  I had taken a notion to buy an Argos Value Machine for a whopping €50 but didn't even know how to thread it, much less make it go!  I was reminded of this a couple of months ago when chatting with my good buddy Heather (who blogs here).  She said she remembered my excitement at that first class.  I went on a hunt to find the picture we took when we finished up.  Oh I was so nervous and delighted with myself that day.  Check out my first ever, teeny tiny cushion......... I'll admit, it's still on a chair in my bedroom, even more dwarfed by the size of the chair!

After that class, I didn't sew for months.  I was a little daunted by the thought of ruining beautiful fabric by actually cutting it up!  When I joined my quilting class a few months later though, I got over that and when I finished my first quilt, I made this cushion from the gorgeous nautical range by Sarah Jane called Out to Sea.  I made it for my son but eventually I "borrowed" it and it's sitting on the top shelf in my sewing room because........ well, it makes me happy!


After this a whole 2 years went by before I made another cushion.  To be honest, I was procrastinating.  A soft green velvet cushion on my couch had worn out/shredded/wasted away and it needed a new cover.  I just couldn't get the motivation to use a dull fabric.  When you're used to the beautiful quilting fabrics we use, upholstery fabric is just BORING!  But finally, last week, I got it done.  It's the one in the center......... blends in pretty ok, doesn't it?

Excuse my poor tatty couch!

So that was it, I got my mojo back with that boring cushion out of the way so today, I grabbed a bunch of scraps from a gorgeous range of fabric from The Quilt Shop and sewed them up and finally, FINALLY I have a proper girlie cushion in my house!  It took less than an hour to make this 18" cushion. 

Feel free to squeal at the girlishness........I did!

When you live with a hubby and 3 male children, you don't get many girlish things in the house.  My small boys are happy for me - well, they were after they exclaimed in disgust "what is that girlie thing doing in our house?" while pointing and screwing up their faces.  I explained mummies need for pretty and they're ok with it.  I might even manage a few more!

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MaryKate Gardiner said...

Naomi I sure remember you telling me about your first classes at Pippablue and I knew from day one you were born to sew!! Even though I had full confidence in your becoming a brilliant sewer/seamstress/quilter I never could have envisionaged your wonderful talent and professional ability that is so clear today....BUT when you told me that your granny was a great sewer then it was evident that it was in the genes. You are a talented lady and a wonderful mother to your three great boys.... And of course with Dan behind you every step of the way I know we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of your abilities yet!! Keep it up are a natural xxx

Nadine Briscoe said...

Onwards and upwards Naomi!! your work is so so neat and wonderful!! I am very envious of your skills you have developed!! xx

Em x said...

You're so clever xx I giggle at the thought of your boys thinking this cushion is girlie and gross ;) More please!! :D xx

Naomi Collins said...

Oh gosh, I never know how to reply to your message Heather, you're always so kind! But thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!

Naomi Collins said...

EEEEEEEeeeeeek, a 5th cushion!!! How did I forget the heart cushion I made for you! Whooopsie, well, let's not tell anyone or I'll have alot of editing to do!

Naomi Collins said...

Thanks Emma, they were very funny, I should have taken a picture of the screwed up faces. You couldn't but see their confusion and mild disgust! ha ha