Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bionic Gear Bag!!

BIONIC!!  I love the name of this little sewing grab-bag!  It delivers too.......... it can hold everything but the kitchen sink and I don't take that with me when I head out to sewing class so that's ok!  I mean, check out this picture from the website - it holds TONNES!!!

For ages, I've been dying to make the Sew Together bag by Sewdemented on Craftsy and when I started to go online and look for it, I happened upon this bag pattern.  Oh me, Oh MY, I had to have it.  So, I purchased the pattern and printed it out.  All 36 PAGES of it.  I went to the printers and got it bound, knowing that I would make more than one of these if I liked it.  

Daunted? Me?  Eh.........yeah.  I mean 36 pages of double dutch and I had never, ever put a zip in anything before so of course I chose this pattern with 5 zips!!

I decided I wouldn't rush it.  I'm a bit of a divil for rushing projects, jumping ahead of the instructions and I was scared of this one before I even started.  So Day 1, I cut all my fabric, ironed on the interfacing and laid out my zips and stopped!

Day 2, I went to my sewing class and got some help with the first zip from Roisin at The Quilt Shop.  She had assured me they were "easy peasy" but I didn't believe her.  In fairness, she spoke the truth, they were easy but despite the instructions, I don't think I would have gotten it right without a bit of help.  

Day 3, I finished putting the next 3 zips in and sewing down the pockets, then I got really brave and I put it together with the sides and onto the back.

That left just the binding and the final zip!  The pattern says it can be put together in 3/4 hours.  I'd say in total, I probably took 7 or 8 but I was happy enough to go slow and steady since it was a completely new project for me but MAN, I love it and I'm sure the next one will go faster. 

My side pleats were the only thing that I was a little unhappy about. They could be a tad neater but my next one will be better!

So now I have to make one for my son.  He "needs" a lego grab bag, reckons the small pocket at the front would be ideal for his lego men (I'm inclined to agree) and the tray would be handy on road trips.  He's got foresight, I'll give him that.  And if you didn't see my pic on facebook or instagram during the week, he did make me this lego sewing machine so he kind of deserves one.........

Oh what's that?  You want to know where to get the pattern?  Try clicking HERE!  If you make one, I'd love to see it - so link back here if you can!

AND..........if you have any suggestions as to what kind of fabric to use for a Lego bag, I'd really appreciate it!
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Rochelle @ eSheep Designs said...

Very nice! I am in the process of starting this project and like you, I plan on taking it slowly. Congrats on getting the job done on what is actually a challenging pattern (given the lack of detailed photos).

Naomi Collins said...

Thanks will love it when it's done though!

SuperMomNoCape said...

Your bag turned out great! I'm working on making one of these too.

Naomi Collins said...

Thanks supermomnocape! I am getting great use out of it! It's so useful!