Monday, 15 December 2014

1 less UFO, 1 more new project

Yes, this week I finished a long-term project.  So of course, I should move on to the next unfinished project and get some more knocked off the list........... that's what I SHOULD do, but this time Instagram won out.  I spotted the cutest little pattern, went on the hunt, found the sellers page and couldn't resist adding to my cart.  And sure, what's the point of an instantaneous pdf download if you don't start working on it instantaneously??? 

Anyway, let me rewind to my finished project first...

I started this quilt way back here.  The pattern is by Thimbleblossom and is called Swoon.  I added a paper pieced border of 3" flying geese to make it a little bigger and to add more colour.  I got the top done fairly quickly, it has enormous 24" blocks so it's satisfyingly swift.  When that much was done, I folded it up and put it aside!

Months later, well, nearly a year later, the ladies in my sewing class helped me baste it at our class (I've no floor big enough to baste a kingsize quilt at home) and when that was done......... I folded it up, put it aside and moved on to something new!!  Yes, sinful I know!

Eventually, I pulled it out again couple of months ago to decide finally whether it would be machine or handquilted and I decided to go with handquilting.  I know it's slow but I enjoy it and it's less likely to go wrong on me than using the machine.  I need to practice my machine quilting more! 

I did a basic three line, cross section through each star that gave a nice trellis effect on the back, then between the stars and all around the border, I quilted in some different sized stars.  I am happy enough with this much but have a feeling that I may add more quilting over time but in the meantime, I squared it off and added the binding last night!  This binding (pictured above) is also the fabric on the back of the quilt, it's deep navy with a black shadow and a gorgeous silver swirly design throughout! I love it!


Ooooh, it's amazing how excited you can get about a quilt that has been hanging around the house for nearly 18months!  Adding the binding seems to have transformed it!  It pulls out the navy from one of the blocks and from the flying geese on the border!  I love how binding just frames the quilt and finishes it completely!  I'm delighted that I managed to get this quilt finished just before we hit 2015 too otherwise it would have been on the go for 2 years!!! 

Hmm, it's actually difficult to see the binding against the dark green of the grass but take my word for it, it frames it nicely!  And now, I can finally put this project to bed!  Well, on my bed anyway!

Now as for the new project........ it's too darn cute to sit for long (and it's small so won't take much time) so watch this space!
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tomomi mcelwee said...

congregations! It's beautiful!!

Lesley said...

Well done. It is fantastic. I have a UFO that I was hoping to show n tell on Friday night. Looks like it'll be for 2015 show n tell at this stage ;-)