Sunday, 5 January 2014

I've started my Economy Block Quilt-along!!

So, Instagram has been taken over lately with posts about the Economy Block Quilt-Along.  I could have ignored them and carried on with the plans I did have for this month but these were far too cute to ignore.  It helped that the sample block that kept popping up happened to use some of the fabric that I have in my stash right now.  Instagram was basically telling me to forget my plans and get cutting these blocks!

I want to say a great big thank you to Red Pepper Quilts for popping up the tutorial on this block, she gives super clear instructions and her choice of fabrics are so diverse and funky together, it made it very endearing! For anyone who may find themselves inclined......... click here for all the instructions!

I pulled a heap of fabric for my first 6 blocks and chopped and changed until I was happy with a few combinations. 

 I'd like to change direction with my next pile of colours for the next six........and mix them all up, so this current layout, isn't how it will stay!  I'll have to see what grabs me! Most of these are from the a mix of ranges such as "Marmalade" and "The Simple Life" which I bought from Fililis, an Irish online fabric shop, during the summer, including the fussy cut centre blocks, some are from Connecting Threads in the U.S.  I love the centre square fabric, it's the cutest, most whimsical print I have seen in ages!

So here they are, my first 6!  They are 5.5" unfinished........I'll need a heap to make a decent sized quilt but I am totally in love with them so looking forward to tomorrow already so I can find some time to do some more...........

In the meantime, the new episode of Sherlock is on!

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