Monday, 13 January 2014

Cinders has lost her work ethic!

This last weekend, Cinderella (me) went to the ball........... now in the fairytale, Cinders gets all her work done before she leaves but me, I did nothing, didn't sew a stitch from tuesday night on because I had to get my hair, my nails, my make-up done.........these things take time when you're used to hanging around the house in your baggies!  But it was so worth it, we had a blast at the Tullamore Formal!  Check us out..........

The weekend didn't stop there either, Saturday night was Panto night with my best boy, Ben!  We were both hoarse from yelling "Oh yes he is" and we laughed so much.  I had to quieten him down a few times because he finds it all sooooooo hilarious! It's not a great picture but I can never resist taking one for our memory book!

So after spending the day with friends yesterday and having a lovely, scrummy dinner cooked for us, I finally took out my sewing on this rainy Monday morning!  I didn't get a whole lot done because let's just say my energy levels are still recovering but I my "Summer in the Park" quilt top finished.  I added a red inside border and then a black/white scrappy border outside that again.  I really like the red with it.  Gives it a bit of "umpf"!  What do you think?

 Last week, I added a few more squares to my Economy Block Quilt-along project.  I'm loving how this is turning out.  I was going to leave it at this size (30 blocks) but have decided to carry on because it's so cute, I've just been trying to source the new fabric I want for the centre blocks.........which I did today with a little help from some Quilty friends!  (Thanks Rosie & Fiona & Beatrice).  I've been really using some mad prints in this one and I am still in love with the eclectic effect it gives, I hope it's still appealing when I've added more blocks!

 Sooooooooooooooo I was going to carry on with some handstitching I started a few weeks ago......... this gorgeous little embroidery sampler but I seem to have mislaid it in one of my cleaning frenzies.  I know it will show up in a nice safe spot but there goes my plans for this evening!  I may just have to have a lazy night with a glass of wine! 

 I hope you're enjoying seeing the little projects I'm working on, if anyone is interested, please feel free to post your blog address in the comments below, I'd love to check out your work!

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