Sunday, 4 August 2013

Stuffing it all in! Too much fabric? Pah!!

How many of us try sewing around our children, try to do a few stitches here and there while counting pins for fear you leave them on the floor and the babies find it with their metal detector big toes?  In my house, it's well known that I will ALWAYS leave behind some pins.  I even borrowed my 9yr olds big magnet to scour the floor when I'm finished and while it helps....... there is always a stray pin when I sew! I got a lovely picture message from my husband when I was at the hair dressers one day.  I wondered why he was sending me a picture of the floor, though I was happy enough that the kids didn't wreck it completely while I was out.......maybe that's what he was trying to show me?  So I zoomed in so that I could, y'know, really appreciate how clean it was............. but then I saw it, the stray pin!  Why is it that it's always my husband that finds them??  I promise, I do try to keep track!

Well, at the end of it all, it did help with my argument that I needed a "proper" spot for sewing so finally, last week, my dearest, darling superman of a husband (I call him that when I get my own way) dismantled the bed in the spare room so that I could put my desk up there.   I've yet to get to Ikea to kit it out properly but in the meantime, I've managed to claim a few items from around the house for storage.


This piece of kit was in my husbands office. 
I call it my Roly-Poly-Oly-Follow-Me-Anywhere-Holds-Everything Sewing Box!

Don't tell the kids because I don't think they missed it yet but this is so handy for my scraps
& fq's at the moment - though right now it's bursting at the seams...

 Now I'm wondering if they have anything else I might find useful?  Although, I really should find somewhere for the toys that came out of these boxes first!!!

I managed to nip in to The Quilt Shop in Tuam yesterday to get some more batting for my mums lap quilt.  I had bought it previously but got over eager with another project one day and used it up!  Was an exciting day in the Quilt Shop as RĂ³isin had a massive new delivery in.  If she wasn't so busy, I think I'd have abandoned my family for the day and sat and just gazed at the fabric. 

My plan was to baste Mums quilt last night but I carried on and basted the baby quilt that I had done the day before.  The more I look at it, the more I love the bright, basic colours.  My two boys keep looking for it since the day they checked it over........ the airplanes are their favourites!  Just gotta find my machingers now so I can quilt it! 

I used more of the Ikea pillowcases to back it, I think it works well against the brightness of the front.  I used scraps from the front to piece the cases together and help tie it in.

Well, I'm off to a big BBQ at some friends.  They've promised a Slip & Slide if the weather holds so gotta go pack some towels and clothes changes....... should be fun!

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Em x said...

Organized, clever & funny, go you! Love your blog Xx

Naptime Stitching said...

Organised? Me? Let's just say, I aspire to be!! Thanks Em.....!!!