Wednesday, 7 August 2013

It's the quiet ones you have to watch......... how true!

We were at a meeting last night.  It's a major feat to keep my twins quiet for five minutes so 1.5 hours is a huge undertaking.  We brought the usual - books, colours, paper etc and finally 45 mins in, I thought of the sticker books!  MEGA!  Out they came and calmness ensued for the next few minutes.  Twin 2, as the hospital christened him, likes to talk his way through everything so he's mumbling "I'm gonna take this sticker, I want this one now, I'm gonna put it here, mammy get the sticker, I like the sticker" and so on, and on and on and on.  He's never quiet but sometimes he's a little less loud.  It can be helpful though, we always know what he's thinking about and what he's planning before he does it.  Twin 1 however, he's a whole 24mins older and should have 24 mins more sense, right?  He's the quiet one, the one that has the innocent face and would never give us a moments trouble......... but he's the one that is lately getting himself into mischief.  I blink and he's climbed 7 foot up into the treehouse and last night at our meeting......... we obviously both blinked and he had stuck stickers up his nose!  He caught my husbands attention and proudly showed him the fruits of his efforts.  Two nostrils blocked with sticky-side-out mushed up stickers and a great big smile! 

My better half took him out to another room to try and extract them and managed to get one nostril cleared but then someone came to tell me I was needed.  I pop out and there's my poor son, my poor husband and two very helpful friends with a needlenose pliers and some kind of red long plastic pokey object and some other set of huge pliers......... they had gone out to their workvans and rummaged around to see if they could find something to help with the extraction.  They were being helpful or trying to be but my poor baby would need a nose the side of a orange for those things to fit up there...... if there was ever a notion of me allowing them to attempt it!! 

We had to head to A&E then as we couldn't see the other sticker it had gone too far up!  A lovely E.N.T doctor with the help of myself, my husband and an equally lovely Paeds nurse used a camera up his nose to find his wayward sticker and eventually we were on our way home with three very tired children and emotionally traumatized parents.  Call me freaky but I couldn't resist a quick picture of the super-long, wiggly-worm camera......... gotta show the child when he's bigger, he'll be impressed then!

So, after a late night for all of us, we're having an easy day.   Naptime came round though and I escaped to do a bit of sewing, accompanied by my 9 year old helper.  I did some straight-line quilting on the little boy blanket.  I had started doing some free-motion quilting on Monday and managed to mess it up completely so I spent the afternoon unpicking it bit by bit, even bringing it to a friends bbq to take the tedium out of it!

Thanks to all my good buddies who took the time to read my blog in the past few days, I really appreciate the feedback.  Don't forget, if you fancy following along with me, you can hit the Subscribe or "Follow By Email" button up on the right and you'll get all the updates!  

In the meantime, if you're online and looking for some easy-browsing, have a peek in at The Blackbirds Nest on Facebook.  Heather is a lovely lady who has many talents including card-making, art, and most recently has transformed some driftwood into something really cute (I won't spoil it if you're gonna stop by).  She's pretty amazing with a crochet needle too and recently hosted a bit of an International Crochet Party where friends, family & kind strangers from across the globe donated their granny squares for a blanket for Heathers daughter who was undergoing some pretty aggressive treatment at the time.  I can't resist sharing one little snippet of it but you'll have to go & see the rest for yourselves!

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