Saturday, 17 August 2013

Seeing my fabric stash through new eyes!

I really am!  This week, I went and finally got Laser Eye Surgery.  Wow, if I'd have known how painless and fast it was, I would have done it years ago.  To be able to walk in to the room with my glasses on and walk out less than 8 mins later without them and see perfectly.......... UNREAL!

So, I really am looking at my stash with new eyes, no more pushing the specs up my nose, no more rubbing the side of my nose where the glasses were digging in, no more toddlers jumping at me and smashing them into my face!!!  Hooray, it's a whole new world out there for me! No eye make-up for a week though.......... tough, tough times!!  :)

Between travelling to Dublin for the surgery & staying overnight for the check-up, I didn't get much sewing done this week but I did manage to finish my little baby quilt.  My friend had her baby (a boy, yahoo) the day that I attached the binding and then my sewing teacher, Roisin, called about the Ready, Thready, Sew Quilt Exhibition in Tuam asking for both this blanket and my Sample Quilt from last year.  I dropped them off before heading to Dublin and can't wait to see them hung!
This is my sample quilt laid out before I attached the sashing.

Over the next few days, I plan on getting some more of my WIP's done.  I need to add more sashing & borders to my Swoon Quilt and then try and do more of my hand-quilting on my Seaside Quilt....... I've been putting it off and it's time to knuckle down! 
Beside the Seaside - a Lesley Brankin Pattern
So if any of you see me on facebook, instagram, twitter or out in public and I don't have a needle & thread attached to me.......... you have my permission to kick my butt!!!  (really)

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