Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Baby Aoifes Quilt

So I have finally got my sew-jo back but the problem with getting back in the swing of things is that you get a "need" to make so many different things, ideas that were floating around and you were pushing to the back burner.  Once you have the time and energy to sew proeprly again, you really want to make them all!!!  So I have been sewing all sorts of things, not blogging a whole lot in recent months but life has been busy!

Let me show you one of my little projects..... I have lots of blogging to catch up on so stay tuned for more posts of recent sewing exploits!

My lovely friend had a beautiful baby girl a few weeks ago.  I had these gorgeous Scrumptious by Moda Charm packs just waiting for the right project and decided they would make a super pretty quilt.  I went with a simple pattern but embroidered baby Aoifes details on it to make it personal and unique.

I usually have no problem handing over quilts as gifts but this one I'll miss.  I think it's just because of the utter girliness of the fabric.  That's rare in my house full of boys and this made my heart sing while I was working on it!

You really can't beat a red polka dot backing, I use it alot.  It's pretty and it's fun! Oh and I'm finally remembering to add labels to my quilts!  On this one I tried out the Micron acid free pens and made a handwritten lable.  I really prefer them embroidered but others have assured me that handwritten are just as precious! 

Quilts are made to be used and loved, washed and used again until they are threadbare.  Plus it adds some nice colour to the washing line, right?  I can't wait until baby Aoife is big enough to drag this round the floor with her!  

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Ruth said...

It's gorgeous , really girly and the embrodiery is lovely. Really like the binding fabric too!

Tomomi McElwee said...

That's so pretty. pure girly✾🌼🌷