Monday, 17 February 2014

Friends, Fun & FABRIC!

Wahooooooooo, my buddy made it over from America and was in our area for one night only (yes, I sang the song in my head far too much.......... "for one night only, one night only....." Drove myself mad) and we had fun, fun, fun......... how much chat, food/drink and shopping can you fit in less than 24 hours......well, ALOT!!!!

So, her lovely visit is over already but she left her mark by bringing over my shopping from America.  Since October/November she'd been sending me links to websites that I should check for fabric, notions, and more....... being the dutiful friend, of course I checked them out and then I was compelled to buy a little here and there!  Well, let's just say I've fairly added to my stash overnight and I love it!  So here's a sneaky peek at some of what she brought...........

The top three photos are from, who have an advert on my page right now! (coincidence? hmmm :) ) and the bottom pictures are some of the scrap packs from Hawthorne Threads.  I love these, they sent completely different ones to the ones I got last year and the "scraps" are a very generous size!
You might not see me now for a little while, not because I'm going to be in a big feverish sewing frenzy or anything.  More than likely, I'll be sitting with my fabric, stroking it and colour co-ordinating my little piles and imagining what I can make......... aaaaaaaaah bliss! 

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