Friday, 14 February 2014

Finishing up!

You remember I mentioned I had a finger in a lot of pies and was trying to stop starting new projects before I had a few "finishes", well I've been working on that over the past few days.  I may have digressed a little by making a cover for my sewing machine.....  but that was a necessary as my machine now sits in the window and I don't want it to turn yellow on me!! 

So this is what I've been doing........

First up, I finally found a piece of embroidery that I started ages ago.  I'm terrible for putting things in very "safe" places and then not finding them for months on end!!  So here are my two little boys........ I had done one similar a while back but when I saw this pic with two little boys, I had to do it too.  My little men, Sam and Levi, each picked themselves out of the finished piece so I think that'll show you why I wanted to do it!

Next up I've been doing some more on my #economyblockalong - these blocks are very easy but quite labour intensive.  There is so much ironing and trimming throughout each block for something that is very simple looking at the end of it.  However, they are so very cute and I'm delighted with how they're turning out.....they're just turning out rather slowly!

Oh before I forget, this is my little machine cover.  I used a charm pack that I bought during the #greatukfabricdestash from Fairyface Designs so it went together very fast.  It could possible have been an inch longer but it covers all the necessaries so I'm happy enough with that!

 And lastly, I finished up my Summer in the park Quilt.  I did the binding over a week ago but left the last 3 inches (ever the procrastinator, why would I not just do those three inches and be done with it???) until this morning!  So finally , it is done!  I hope you like it!

Front and back

Hand quilted with perle cotton

I do love a bit of funky binding!

So that's what I've been up to the past couple of weeks.  I can start (guilt-free) to plan a few more projects now!!


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