Sunday, 13 October 2013

Finally, a finish!

October is proving to be a very busy month here and I'm counting the days until November hits.  With two weekends away, a youth club show going on stage, my mum having surgery and graduating (because she doesn't do things by halves) as well as numerous other things that I've committed to and the things I had to decline because I don't do well with stress....... let's just say all my days are full! 

Finally, finally, finally I finished my mums lap quilt.  You'll remember that I had started this months ago, promptly lost it once the top was done in a frenzied, pre-guest tidy up (some day, I'll be one of those organised people who doesn't need to hide the mess before visitors come........some day), it showed up months later - between the wooden latts and the mattress in the guest room!!  I  Well, even after re-starting it, I always seemed to have more important things to be doing so I only added the last few stitches this afternoon so I could give it to my very patient mother before her surgery!

I wanted it to have a slightly scrappy feel, like traditional patchwork, which is why I added "Mum" and another little scrap with three x's.  I wasn't sure if it looked the way I wanted but she was delighted to see it personalised so I guess it's ok!! 

The back turned out pretty okay too - actually makes my stitching look straight!!

I can't for the life of me make this picture turn the right way up - how very frustrating!!! It's the correct way on my laptop.......but comes through sideways!

I also have a cute little quilt on the go for a soon-to-be big sister.  I'm really enjoying this one.  I saw the idea on Pinterest and I kept going back to look at it, it was obviously just too cute not to make a version of it!

I love when something lends itself to loads of different fabrics - it's very hard not to find one that you just love in it.  For me, I particularly love the little boy and girl heart right there in the centre!

I used the stem stitch that I learned from a tutorial by Fairyface Designs a few weeks ago to do the embroidery on this little lady with her hot cup of ....... hot chocolate (she's far to young to be drinking coffee yet)!

Can't wait to finish this this space!

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