Monday, 21 October 2013

I'm battered and sore this morning.  It's the day after our Youth Club Variety Show in the town hall and we had a blast!  The kids shone like stars, they smiled and danced and sang their hearts out.  The excitement at side of stage was electric and the cheering from the crowd spurred them on even more!  Us leaders got our 30 seconds on stage for the last dance (for our shame) with all the kids and were nearly taken down with the hugs from 53 kids as the curtains closed.  It was a wild day but so worth it! 

In the few days coming up to the show, I was working on a few things.  I started to quilt my heart quilt for little Mia.  I'm very slow at doing the hearts and man, there are a lot of them!  I used my walking foot because I need an awful lot of practice at free motion quilting yet!  I really hope Mia loves this quilt, it's perfect for a girly-girl.  I still don't know if Mia is having a baby brother or sister so I started making a little boy quilt so I could be somewhat prepared if a little man makes an appearance!  I had a plan in mind but when I went to cut the fabric, I just couldn't cut up one of my fat quarters in the bunch, it was too cute.  It's a lovely little map fabric from Kokka.  I bought this in Pippa Blue in Galway about 2.5 years ago after my doing my first afternoon class on how to use my machine.  It's adorable and I just decided to build my quilt around it.  I was far too impatient to sit down and work out a plan so I made a few mistakes as I went and I'm still working it out.  Somebody make me write it down........ "it's far less time consuming to make a plan first"!!!  I might write it on the bathroom mirror!!  I have started making it bigger with some borders.  It's not going to be huge but just big enough to snuggle in, I think!  

Remember my little Mermaid tail that I made a few weeks ago?  Well, I tried making a rock for her to sit on.  It involved a large kitchen chair, a roll of chicken wire, some padding and fabric!  Sounded easy, was in fact, actually relatively easy but when I dyed the fabric, it came out green instead of grey first of all.  Then, it was just far too big and cumbersome to carry on stage so I needed another plan.  I got a clam shell half done as I mentioned last week and then at the final hour, the night before the show, a few cans of spray and a few flowers and a bit of ivy (thank you Gail, great idea) ........and it only took 20mins.  Why do I always put these things off, silently stressing and worrying about what to do and then, when I get down to it, it's done so fast.........finally it was complete and it looked gorgeous on stage from a distance with all the lights on it.  This is our gorgeous little mermaid before the show, trying out her clam for size!

Another busy week ahead, now that the show is out of the way, I've promised my son some sleepovers, my friends some time and I'm in desperate need of some retail therapy........ that used to mean clothes shopping, which I desperately need, but now, it means new FABRIC!!!  I'm heading to the Knitting and Stitching show in the RDS at the end of the month and I can't wait. 

If any of you are interested in going, don't forget you can get a chance at some free tickets by entering the competition with The Quilt Shop right here............ Knitting & Stitching Ticket Comp!

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