Thursday, 15 January 2015

Pouches of fun!

Today was a Storm Day - the country called a Code Red on the weather.  Storm Rachel was heading in and all the schools were advised to close.  Hooray!!!!  Half the morning spent in bed watching movies with the kids and browsing for ideas of something to sew.  I decided on zip pouches because I've been wanting to try them for a while.  They're another thing that everybody said was easy but to me they looked difficult so I started small......... a 4" zip to make a small change purse.

Hmmm, it was easy but I used a metal zip which complicated things slightly.  Still loved it though and took out even bigger scraps to go to town on!

Then of course my boys came in and "needed" one each.  I love that they're interested in what I sew and always want one of their own.  They all picked the fabrics they wanted.  My youngest (by 23mins) is very particular and it had to be green with cows........ thankfully I could manage it.   At least 2 of these pouches are in bed with my boys right now!


I have to admit, I really enjoyed making these.  It's the first item I've made that I would gladly make over and over (other than quilts obviously)!   I had made this box pouch earlier in the week.  It's extra plush because it's quilted.  I love the space in it, the design would make a great make-up bag or nail polish bag but I'm using my to carry my perle cotton right now! 

This week I also made a mini charm cushion as a shop sample for The Quilt Shop Tuam.
I used a mini charm pack from Moda called Persimmon.  The pictures don't quite do the fabric justice, the colours are far lovelier in reality!  The complimenting fabric is called "grunge"!  I have yet to fill it with a pillow form that fits so it's a little lack lustre right now but it was a fun little project!

So, go on...........ask!  What has prompted this feverish fit of sewing all of a sudden?  I have been rather quiet lately and then all this?............ Well, it's my new baby Bessie!!  Or rather, my new Juki Sewing Machine!  She's pretty amazing - I had to give her a few test runs!  I'm feeling fairly spoiled with her to be honest, she has all the bells and whistles!!

Expect more from little Bessie soon :)

Just one last picture.............

Doesn't the excitement on his face make the time and effort worthwhile?

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Em x said...

Ooooh that gets me interested in sewing again! Haven't done it since secondary school! These are lovely Naomi, and I love that the boys took their little pouches to bed ♥

Tomomi McElwee said...

Lovely pouches Naomi. Good luck with our sewing machine!!