Monday, 25 August 2014

A Quilt for Baby Elsie

Another week, another project!

This past week or so I've been working on another gift quilt.  My husband has worked with the father of this gorgeous baby girl for years.  In fact, they were roomies before he moved to Galway to marry me so you could say they've been around the block together.  They each have a fair few stories about the other that neither wants repeated (again). 

In 2010, we travelled to France for his wedding to the lovely Vicky.  I was 8 weeks pregnant with my twin boys and although I had a wonderful time, my memories are mostly of being sick.... morning, noon and night..........and at least 3 times on the way to the airport!  (One big bonus, to add to the rest, about having twins, is that you get two babies for one pregnancy - whoop whoop, I don't have to do that again). 

Anyway, I've derailed.  The happy couple recently welcomed baby Elsie and we were all very happy to hear that she entered the world as a teeny tiny but healthy little girl!

I asked her auntie what colours mum and dad put on her to get an idea of what they liked.............and then ended up going completely the other direction.  The colours I chose, kind of evolved.  I had lots of the suggested colours in but as I fine-tuned my palette, they were being eliminated one by one!!!  Whoops! 

I kept the design basic because I didn't want Elsie to have grown up before she received it!  I think the hearts can be sweet for a baby, a little girl and even a teen and the background fabrics also, I tried to keep a little timeless.  I didn't want her to outgrow it in a few months if it was too babyish. 

Oooh and see that little white thing on the far right of the back of the quilt?  Those are my new quilt labels....... Elsie's quilt is the first one I got to put them on.  I'm happy to finally have my little labels on my quilts and will put them on any future projects but I'm not very excited about the label's very black and white, I think I need some colour and a more basic design as the sewing machine is slightly cut off once it's sewn into the binding.  Shame....but you learn as you go and I'm learning by the minute, like a newborn ;) 

And on that note, WELCOME to the world Baby Elsie!
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