Saturday, 19 April 2014

Make Me Up As You Go Go!

Aaaaaah! Spot the blogger who has been totally remiss about updating her Medallion Sew-Along Progress....... (how do I do big fat arrows on this thing??)

Right, so let's see.  You could say that I've not been a very good girl at doing the "along" part.  I am an impatient sewist some times and have a tendency to rush forward and make some lovely errors because I don't take the time to really go through my plan, work out my measurements and follow a pattern....... and this one has allowed me to be bold because of the lack of a step-by-step pattern, more guidelines that I was a tad too lazy to check out beyond a cursory glance!

My medallion is therefore a "Make-Me-Up-As-You-Go-Go"....... so please excuse my mistake and errors.  I got a little distracted along the way with other projects which is why I'm still working on it - I have yet to decide on a 6 inch border for the outside so it might take another short while before it's completed!

And...........this is where I am so far!  I like it because it's really a very eclectic mix of fabrics and the green is a bit "out there".....for me anyway.  I'm going to make one change and add in 3.5" squares of a different fabric in the corners, like in every other border.  I thought I would like the solid green all the way around but it doesn't look quite right so I'll back-track on that. What do you think so far?  Any suggestions for a 6 inch border?  I'm not gone on the plusses (is that even a word?) that are in the originial medallion, they're not for me  but I'm open to anything else!

Whoops, this is sideways........not that it matters with a square quilt - just adds a few odd ripples!
I hope it won't be too long before I update with a finish!  See ye soon! xx

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tomomi mcelwee said...

Love your fabric choice, very bold. Looking pretty good.

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

This is looking great!

Naomi Collins said...

Thanks Tomomi, slowly getting there!

Naomi Collins said...

Thanks Sarah - someday I might start and finish a quilt without moving on to other things but it's soooooooooo hard!!