Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What have you made this week?

Do you ever get asked that?  People seem to be asking me this alot lately but I have some very productive weeks and then weeks where I seem to be working on a bunch of things and getting nothing done! 

This week started last Tuesday at our quilting class.  We were helping Mary basted her twin sized Sunbonnet Sue quilt.  The other ladies gave me permission to put their pic up as long as they weren't looking at the camera (they're terribly shy!).  Mary is just amazing, everything she makes is a work of art, she's a perfectionist to the last and this quilt is testament to that.  A more humble woman you couldn't find though, she plays down every bit of praise and admiration but she's a real gem!  I'm not sure what the official name of the Sunbonnet Sue pattern is but it's a block for each month.  Mary has added some gorgeous details and lots of different types of texture in her fabrics to really enhance each block.  This is a very poor photo as we were working on the floor in a seperate room to the quilt class so the lighting wasn't great for showing off her work.  She'll be hand-quilting this and no doubt will do a fab job of it, as she always does!

My son came home a few days ago to say he needed a costume for the schools "Winter Celebration".  His class is doing Goldilocks and the Three Bears and he is on the jury!  He told me he was to be a disney character or an animal of some sort - obviously it's an adapted version!  So we raided the cupboards and borrowed a jacket with tails from the costume cupboard at the Q Club and put this together - he's going to be the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.  He's completely taken with his cardboard and paperclip pocket watch!! 

The Quilt Shop is holding a charity event this friday and saturday.  It's to help with the fundraising for a local boy, Shane Grogan, who is in need of 24hr care.  We've all been putting together a few bits to donate.  I decided to make crayon rolls.  I had made five but two seem to have been acquired by the little people in my house, that's what I get for making them in Lightening McQueen fabric!!

If anyone is passing, please pop in and check out the event, it will be full of little handmade gifts to pick up!  The full details of the "Care for Shane" event are here.

I still have about 4 WIP's on the go at the moment so hopefully I'll have something more substantial to share next week!  I think these short, grey winter days have affected my mojo so I need to get a move on!

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