Monday, 29 July 2013

New kid on the blog..........

So, I'm new to blogging but have been following so many others for so long that I decided to delve in.  I love that it means that there will be a spot where I can look back at my work, keep track and see my own progress!

I Quilt. 

I still think that sounds funny.  Growing up, it used to be called patchwork....... and it was something that little bespectacled old biddies did (at least in my little world) but now, the net is sprinkled with delicious fabrics, fantastic designs, beautiful piecing and downright funky and modern patchwork quilted items and I LOVE it!

I was desperate to learn how to sew and even more so, how to quilt.  Fairyface Designs was promoting a quilt-along online and I bought all the items to follow along but chickened out at the last moment.  Then, by chance, one of the mums at my sons school mentioned she was opening a quilting store and teaching classes!!!  I signed up for a 5 week block of classes - certain that I would learn all that I would need to know and be on my merry way to a long life of quilting by week 5.  However, Rome wasn't built in a day and it takes a little more than 5 classes to learn a trick or two.  Fast forward 1.5yrs and my husband recently asked me when my 5th class was going to be so we could have our tuesday nights back!!!  Whooooooops, sorry darling but the 5th and final class has been postponed indefinitely.  We'll call the others 4.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.2 and so on until I get bored.  Our tuesday classes are WAY too much fun to consider stating "I've learned enough" anytime soon! 

Promoting Buddies and Mentors!
Check out my lovely friend and quilt teachers shop on facebook....... The Quilt Shop Tuam  She'll be opening an actual online shop soon but is busy photographing and listing all her shelves and shelves of beautiful fabric right now!

Fairyface Designs still features high on my list of inspirational ladies.  Probably because she's a busy mum too and manages to create such lovely things but I also think she's amazing at choosing fabrics that I happen to LOVE.........I mean, how does she know?  She keeps me interested too since she never does the same thing twice!

I've also come across Betsy Grey Crafts recently too.  She's on fb, instagram and who knows where else........ her work always seems so flawless and she can work those points!! I might get as good in a few years! Here's hoping!

Not all my interest lies just in quilting though..... you've got to check out my good buddies who happen to be super talented crafters on fb.....

Little Meece adorn my shelf from Thistlepatch.  They are just the cutest, personality filled little things...

Only my very privileged friends deserve some of the beautiful work from Marianne at Mariannes Cards
and Esther over at Daisy Chain!

How's that for a serious name dropping first post?

I can't wait to add my second blog post and maybe add some pictures of my WIP's and finished work!

Thanks for reading!

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Em x said...

Lovely writing my dear. Welcome on board this blogging train. It gets addictive ;) great idea for tracking your progress!! Looking forward to reading more. Love Em in Cork xx

Wild Irish said...

Been following you and the other ladies on MM! I too just don't have time to sew despite building my stash very slowly, I'm no good a choosing material and putting it together. My aim this year to finish all the projects that I have started.

flossyknits said...

Awh thanks so much for the mention of Betsy Grey Crafts. I'm still only a newbie like yourself and am in awe of others on mm, instagram and blogland. well done for jumping into the blogging. I may join you soon :-)

Naptime Stitching said...

I've only just seen your comment. I hope you resolve is working out and your getting your projects finished. Hard to find the time, isn't it!!